Laboratory management system

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  Basic Standard Professional Elite
Request and Patient/Sample Profile Entry. 33846
Configure the tests, profiles, companies, price lists, etc.
Configure and print Work Lists.
Enter results by request or by test.
Correct results in batches.
Flexible and easily view previous results.
Manage the Reference Laboratories.
Review and Validate Results by Request.
Task Supervisor.
Fully Customize the Medical Report.
Connect with analysers.
Include Trend Charts in the Medical Report.
Print reports manually and automatically.
Auditor (registers activity and traces the changes to the data)
Register and manage the Users of the application.
Obtain a test catalogue of the laboratory.
Integrated backup.
Enter requests using optical mark reader sheets.  
Connect with Hospital Information Systems(HIS).  
Advanced entry of results using a Work List.    
Diary and Appointments Module.    
Generate Bar codes.  
Automatic and manual validation expert.  
Advanced validation of results by test.    
Configure and execute automatic processes.    
Double Validation (Test and Final).      
View the last 4 visits in the medical report.    
Print Medical Reports by destination.    
Automatically generate medical reports using different languages.    
Electronically sign the medical reports using digital certificates.    
Advanced Reference Laboratory Module.  
Microbiology Module (preloaded Germs and antibiotics).    
Multimedia Module.    
Stat Module..      
Sample Management Module.      
Serum bank Module.      
Multi-laboratory and Multi-company Module.      
LDAP Authentication.      
Complete and customised configuration of price lists.
Prepare quotes.
Invoicing Companies, individual requests and customised invoices.
Invoice series.
Pre-invoice requests.    
Electronic transfer of invoicing information.  
Automatically send invoices by destinations.      
Manage the payments of the invoices generated.
Generate bank remittances for the invoices issued.      
Export to accounting programs.      
Cash Management Module.  
Sales Representative Payment Module.      
Statistical Assistance and Trend charts.
Advanced Statistics Manager.    
Define the value of Quality Control Serum.    
Complete Management of the Quality Controls performed.    
Evaluate the evolution of the controls using Levey-Jennings and Cusum charts.    
Average result Quality Control.    
Incident Management Module.  
Supplier and Inventory Item Maintenance.  
Order Manager Module.  
Payment Summary and Pending Orders.  
Transaction entry and Automatic Discounts.  
Stock Control, Expiry Dates and Batch Numbers.    
Inventory Valuation.    
Delivery Note and Supplier Payment Manager.    
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Additional connection   850 €
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