General Features- Introduction

REDUCE the waiting times


• The Management System ALFA21 VET® for Veterinary Laboratories is a comprehensive software solution that allows you to fully manage the laboratory and is totally compatible with its environment. • It has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio. Its modular structure allows you to evolve according to your needs and budget. It can be installed on a single computer running Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 to a complex network running Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 Server. The application has been programmed to work with the relational databases MS Access and SQL Server. Additionally, the system is optimized to work in Terminal Server, Citrix, etc. environments allowing you to make connections between laboratories, independent of their physical location.

EASY to use and configure

• ALFA21 VET® has been designed with the aim of being easy to use and to logically follow the analysis process, from the receipt of the request to the issuing of the report. Configure with total liberty the maintenance files, report formats, etc.

Strenght, flexibility and SECURITY

• The security of the information is guaranteed given that, apart from the standard identification of users, the program gives you the option of logging in through the LDAP server. Customise and limit the actions of each user registered in the application and select the modules of the program that they have access to. A complete auditor registers the activity and the traceability of the data during the use of the program, registering the date, time and user of each action. The program also provides you with tools to perform periodic and unattended backups.

• ALFA21 VET® is a multilingual and multilaboratory system: it allows various independent laboratories to work under the same program licence, sharing common resources and reducing costs. Differentiate the information that can be accessed by each one, configure the medical report as well as the devices available in the laboratories.

• ALFA21 VET® has a complete daily process that allows you to register requests, enter sample profiles, generate quotes, generate work lists, communicate with automatic analysers and other devices, fill in and validate the results, print medical reports, obtain different request lists, invoice private patients, perform customised invoices and supervise the pending tasks. Furthermore, contemplate specific modules of appointments, stat, reference laboratories, management of documents and images, manage the sample management, serum bank and incident management.

• Generate bar codes in order to identify your samples. Our system provides you with different models of codification that allow you to adapt to any situation.

General Features - Features

Flexible, compact and CUSTOMIZABLE

• The application allows you to connect with Hospital Information Systems (HIS) to obtain the demographic details of the patients from their medical record.

• The communications with analysers are integrated in the program and are managed from a control panel. ALFA21 VET® is set up for the simultaneous communication with multiple analysers. You can also connect to any external device (health card reader, optical mark reader) that allows you to automate the entry of data.

A PILLAR fundamentalfor the growth of your laboratory

• Enter the results manually by patient, by test or by work list and easily manage the previous results of the patients, viewing the 4 lasts results while entering the current ones. The management of results by Delta Check will allow you to compare them with the latest result.

• Validate or revise the results of complete requests, of individual tests or automatically. Apply, if you wish, the double validation of the results, performing a primary test revision and later a final validation. Customise and define selection formula to facilitate the work of the professionals. Using action formulas you can also add, delete or modify results according to the conditions that you decide.

• The application allows you to fully customise the medical report, modifying any aspect of the appearance and layout. You can incorporate different headers, formats, logos, digital signatures, fonts, colours, images, trend charts,functional test representations (e.g. the glucose curve), comments, etc.

• Automatically distribute your medical reports, invoices and orders by assigning report destinations (fax, printer or e-mail). You can also apply digital signatures to your PDF documents to guarantee their integrity and authenticity.

• Export lists or reports in different formats, including Office, HTML and XML. Connect Alfa21 to other systems, import requests or export results automatically.

General Features - Modules

Exploit the FULL POTENTIAL of your company

• The Invoicing module allows you to obtain and easily manage your invoices in paper as well as in the electronic format required by each of your companies. This is complemented by the Cash module, where you can record any economic transaction.

• Manage the vaccination schedule of each animal recording the dates in the appointments module.

• ALFA21 VET® has a powerful Quality Control module with valued control serum or patient averages, with the possibility of obtaining Levey-Jennings, CUSUM charts or use Westgard rules.

• The Incident Management Module will help you certify or accredit your laboratory according to the ISO standards. The users can register preventive actions, non-conformities or corrective actions related with whatever anomalous situation that can occur in the laboratory, as well as leaving notifications to the user recipients.

• The application allows you to select the language in which you want to use ALFA21 VET®.

• The statistics and management is optimized to generate different statistics and trend charts.

• The invoicing of companies, invoicing reports and the invoice manager allow you to obtain and manage your invoices in paper as well as in the electronic format required by each of your companies.

• A complete inventory module allows you to manage the suppliers, reagents and consumables, with the option to discount the stock manually or automatically. Supervise the general status of the warehouse and obtain alerts about the stock and the expiry dates of the items. Completely manage your orders using the program, from their request until their receipt, being able to print any list type.

TOTAL Support

• The program is complemented with an advanced system of remote connection for technical assistance and with tools to facilitate learning: user manual, online help, tutorials and training videos.

ALFA21 allows you to grow according to your needs

• You have the option to incorporate whatever functionality or work routine required by your laboratory. We find ourselves in continuous development of customised external programs according to the needs of our clients and the evolution of the sector. These are some examples:

• The ALFA21 NET® tool allows you to access your ALFA21 VET® database using the Internet / Intranet. Make flexible the querying of results and the obtaining of reports accessing at any time or place using a web browser.

• The sending of SMS service allows you to improve the service you give your customers. Send text messages to their mobile phones to inform them of the availability of their analytical results.

. . .

analysis Request

REDUCE the waiting times

• Optimize the entry of requests and the pet details using the most suitable method at each moment. Register the requests manually, using optical mark reader sheets or that come from peripherical centres.

• Include the tests individually, using profiles, associated tests or programmed rules. Define test panels according to your needs and achieve a customised and flexible entry of tests.

• You can register the requests by batches requesting the same group of tests for a group of patients in one go, without the need to enter them one by one.

• Configure action formulas in order to add tests to your requests, delete or modify your results and comments according to the conditions set.

• Configure the sample ID number format to identify each of the samples, combining the month, year and current day or set a free series. At the same time you can specify an automatic increment when you register each request.


• Obtain the expected delivery date of the analysis according to the time it takes to perform each test, taking into account the work calendar defined by the laboratory. Print, if you wish, the corresponding collection slip to notify the patient.

• ALFA21 offers barcode label printing that allows you to obain the exact number of labels according to the tubes used in each request.

• Print request sheets with detailed information of the patient and the tests to perform classified by sections or by containers.

• Mark those requests that are going to be omitted in the monthly invoicing or indicate those requests that need to be validated in order to be invoiced. In order to do this it has a validation module of invoicable requests. Invoice the request directly from the pet details entry screen without accessing the invoicing module.

• Specify the destination of the report (printer, fax, e-mail, etc.).

. . .

Work Lists

Organise your laboratory

• ALFA21 VET® allows you to create different models with different ways of selecting data. Freely configure the tests that are going to make up each sheet and choose between the different options ( summarized, detailed, in columns, etc.)

• You can print the work sheets in paper format, where it is possible to include the name as well as the date of birth of the patient and choose between 8 or 16 tests per sheet.

• The entry of results using the work sheets allows you to do it dynamically and efficiently, filling in numeric or alphabetic results, calculations, free texts and even add comments.

• Perform the results validation in the same screen, granting permissions by user and by section.

. . .


AT LAST you will be able to communicate to your analysers

• The communications are integrated in the program and are managed from the control panel.

• ALFA21 VET® allows simultaneous communication with multiple analysers, which avoids the problems that come from finishing one communication and starting another. Furthermore, it is possible to work in various windows of the program while the communications work away in the background, without producing any type of interference.

• The receipt of results includes the use of an intermediate process that removes the errors caused by the receipt of incorrect results.

• The previous process allows you to correct results in blocks, suggest repetitions, change the patient identification numbers and finally record the results in the database all at once. A notification system helps you to perform the different operations.

• Connect analysers remotely. This way you can control each analyser from various locations other than its physical location.

HOST query

• If you work in real time with bar codes, Alfa21 will automaically send the workload to the analyser, this way avoiding the previous generation and subsequent sending of work lists. In the same way, the results are incorporated directly into the corresponding patient's record making your daily work easier. • You can also schedule the quality controls.

• Equally, ALFA21 VET® connects to any external device that allows it (optical mark readers, etc).

. . .

Results and Validation

The work has never been so easy

• The entry of results can be performed by pet, by test or by work list.

• Set selection filters according to an array of criteria: ranges of dates or sample numbers, pending results, by companies, origins, submitters, profiles, pathological results, etc.

• The results can be expressed using numbers, free texts, comments, calculations, masks, templates and codified results. • ALFA21 VET® allows you to easily manage the previous results of the patients, with the possibility to view the 4 last results while you enter the current ones, as well as obtain a grid with the results of all the visits with a simple click.

Your laboratory will mark the difference

• The system allows you to incorporate images associated with the tests using the Multimedia Module, intergrating them fully in the medical report (karyotype , proteinogram, photographs, trend charts, funcional test representations (e.g. the glucose curve), etc.). It also has an exclusive module to compliment microbiology results.

• View the status of each test when you wish and use the auditor to view the actions performed on each of them. You can also repeat tests.

• Obtain provisional or definitive reports, including trend charts of a specific test, curves, images, etc.

• Issue the reports by printer, fax or e-mail. Automate the process using an intelligent system of printing by destinations, allowing you to set the model, header and export format of each of the reports.

DOUBLE validation system

• The application allows you to perform the complete validation of a request as well as that of each individual test that makes it up. You can perform this task in two ways when you incorporate double validation of results: test and final. The validation is performed individually from the results window or in blocks from the results validation window. Save the formulas and validation conditions that you use most often and use them as you deem appropriate.

• A simple system of icons indicates the status of the test and the auditor shows the changes to the result. You can enter multiple criteria and create selection formulas to facilitate the work of the professionals that work with ALFA21®.

• Configure action formulas to add tests to the requests, delete them or modify the results and comments according to the conditions.

TOTAL management of your sent test

• Send samples to Reference Laboratories manually or automatically. Quickly view those samples sent and generate detailed lists.

. . .

Medical Reports

CUSTOMISE the report to your liking

• The application allows you to completely customise the report, modifying any aspect of the appearance and layout.

• Configure as many headers and formats as you deem appropriate without any type of limitation. Maintain the appearance of your laboratory's medical reports including the font, colours, logos and digital signatures. Specify the location of each element in the report, as well as the information that is going to be shown.

• Include images, trend charts, graphical funcional test representations (e.g. the glucose curve), comments, etc. Organise the tests in groups and subgroups, set the extended reference values according to the species of the patient, set the units the result is expressed in, set page breaks or include the different analysis methodologies.

• Show the result of the previous visit in the report in order to facilitate a better diagnosis.

• You can print the report in other languages, without changing the configuration of your program, which is very useful in those geographic areas where various languages are spoken or have a large number of foreigners.

• Preview the report on the screen before printing it. Indicate the number of copies you wish of each report.

Automatic and secure

• Automatically issue reports in blocks or groups of reports. Set the criteria that allows you to select the reports that you wish to issue. You can also reprint the reports when necessary.

• Send your reports directly by fax or email. Use the printing of reports by destination, which allows you to specify one or more report destinations, the report format and the export format for each patient.

• Protect any medical report with a password before sending it by email, to insure the confidentiality of the data. Optionally include a digital certificate to specify its authenticity.

• Export medical reports to multiple formats (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, Rich Text Format, etc.).

• Use the application ALFA21.NET that allows you to access your laboratory's ALFA21 data using the Internet or a corporate Intranet in real time. Generate requests, print reports, etc.

• Export the results to other management applications that exist in the market.

. . .

Reference Laboratories

Full control of the test sent

• The reference laboratories module performs the management and tracking of the requests that have sent tests to external laboratories. The colour identifiers allow you to easily view the requests with tests sent to each of the centres and control the expected delivery date.

• The application identifies the tests sent and immediately gives you access to the corresponding requests, where it is possible to view, modify or fill in its contents. The system allows you to link with customised programs of reference laboratories to exchange data.

• From the results entry screen you can easily identify the tests sent to the external laboratories by the colour it is highlighted in.

• It is also possible to print lists with all the tests sent, or just those of a specific laboratory, filter by the expected delivery date, etc.

• From the Statistics screen you can view the details and print different charts based on the tests sent.

. . .


Its accuracy and simplicity will surprise you

• Invoice both private customers and companies (by company, origin, request, test, reduced, detailed, simple, complete, broken down, etc.). ALFA21 VET® allows you to create a printed document and to generate a file to perform electronic invoicing.

• Assign invoice series to distinguish them according to the activity type. The prices can be entered individually setting the value of each test for each of the companies, but it is also possible to create groups of tests with a single price or set invoice profiles.

• Use the current prices or those that were saved when the requests were made.

• Invoice complete months or periods between two dates.

• The application uses an optional system of supervision of requests which allows you to change the invoice status of the requests.

• It also offers you customised invoicing in order to issue invoices as you wish.

Invoicing manager

• Send your invoices automatically by fax or by email.

• Export your invoices in different formats.

• The invoicing module allows you to thoroughly manage the invoices sent ( private, companies and customised). The system performs a complete management of payments and generates lists taking into account the different criteria. It also generates invoice books and connects to various accounting programs.

• Define the percentage types (VAT, Discount, Taxable Income, etc.) for their use in the invoicing of companies.

• ALFA21 VET® allows you to generate an electronic data file or in paper You can link directly with our electronic invoicing programs to generate them.

Sales representatives

• Register your Sales Representatives and set the commission they receive depending on various configurable criteria.

• Generate the amount due to one or a group of them.

• Manage the payment of the amount due to each and check the payment status using a simple system of icons.

. . .

Statistics and Management

Optimize your resources

• The statistics and the trend charts allow you to view a summary of key variables e.g. number of tests performed, total invoiced etc. based on the category selected: test, company, origin or submitter, etc. in the period defined.

• The results can be obtained graphically on screen or in a printed document.

• Generate lists of each test to know the number of times it has been performed, the number of times it has received a pathological result, the average value, the cost and the amount invoiced. Obtain general counts of tests, pathological tests, as well as the cost and the total amount invoiced.

• Perform statistics related to the companies, origins or submitters that have the number of patients, the number of tests performed, the cost and the amount invoiced. Obtain total counts of patients, tests performed as well as the cost and total amount invoiced.

Gráficos de Evolución   Estadísticas 2

. . .

Quality Control

Set your quality criteria

• ALFA21 VET® has a quality control module which can be used to define valued serum. Evaluate the evolution of the controls using Levey-Jennings and Cusum charts and a complete graphic display of the average daily values of the tests performed.

• The controls take into account the Westgard rules, consequently the system will warn you of the possible standard deviations of the controls, as well as the causes of the error.

Obtain ISO certification

• The Incident Management module plays a very important role in helping the laboratory achieve ISO certification. With it the users of the application will be able to register non-conformities, corrective actions and preventive actions. It will allow you manage any irregular situation that occurs.

• Define incident classes that cover all the sections and activities of the laboratory, define their level of priority and assign them to users.

• Activate a warning system for the incidents that will be displayed in the main window.

. . .


Manage and control your stock

• The inventory module allows you to define your suppliers along with their catalogue of products and their corresponding prices.

• Receive status notifications of the reagents while you enter the requests.

• Specify the reagent that is going to be used to perform each test along with the batch it belongs to and its best before date .

• Maintain control over the levels of stock manually or automatically according to the tests performed.

• Make and receive orders according to the preset minimum and maximum stock levels. Obtain lists of each of them.

• You can make orders manually or automatically.

• The system allows you to follow each order and note the units received until the order has been fully received.

Situación de almacén   Gestión de Albaranes
• Receive the items according to the batch numbers or the expiry dates of the products.

• Add more items to orders already placed but pending receipt.

• Efficiently manage the discounts of the items from your suppliers. Show this information in the document you send to your suppliers.

• Send the order directly by fax or email.

• You can manage the delivery notes and invoices of your suppliers, manage the payments and associate a scanned copy of the original document to each delivery note or invoice.

. . .

Multimedia Module

Your laboratory will make a DIFFERENCE

• The multimedia module is an advanced system of document management (images, videos, Office files, PDF archives, etc.) that allows you to associate them to the requests in order to consult them and gives you the possibility to include the graphical files in the medical reports in different formats.

• You can create your own multimedia library and make use of all its files without limits.

• Use this module to add images, videos or sounds associated with a patient or a particular test. Decide the images that will be included in the report, organise the order in which they will appear, their location, and if you wish add a note or description.

• Check the associated archives in list format or thumbnails, view a preview of the images or reproduce the video or sound files. Revise the archives associated with previous visits of the patients.

• If you wish, you can modify the images directly from this window.

. . .

External Programs

Flexibility without limits

• ALFA21 VET® provides you with a wide range of external programs that perform specific functions such as:

• Invoicing companies electronically. (Many companies request invoice data in a file in a specific format, with the external invoicing program for the company you won't have to enter again the data in another application or website.)

• Data exchange with other management applications that exist in the market. (Some companies request the analysis data in a format that allows them to include it in their computer system along with the standard medical reports.)

• Reference Laboratories Interface (Using the reference laboratory interface, you can automatically send tests and receive results, saving time and avoiding transcription errors.)

Customised programs

• We are continually developing External Programs according to the needs of our clients and advances in the sector, for example: a dosis module, bar code labels, invoice programs, check results using the internet/intranet, data exchange with external applications , reference laboratory interface, SMS notification system, medical record unifier, etc.

• Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will decide together on a solution which best suits the needs of your laboratory.