The laboratory world is constantly changing. Laboratories require more complete and automated management tools. Thanks to the incorporation of new technologies SLCLAB is able to meet all the needs of the laboratory. Our objective is clear: the satisfaction of the client.

The way we work

Listen to your needs

Each laboratory has its own characteristics and way of working. Our objective is to listen to your needs.

What is important for you is also for us. For that reason, SLCLAB offers you ALFA21 to manage your laboratory.

Customized installation

The installation of ALFA21 is performed by qualified technicians.

During the installation process we will propose how you can make the most of ALFA21 to carry out your work.

Support after the installation

t is very important that the installation is executed perfectly, but more important is that the laboratory is supported afterwards.

For SLCLAB it is essential, and we pay great attention to it. At your disposal there is a dedicated support department, comprised of qualified professionals.

Your ALFA21 always up-to-date

Are you tired of being charged for the actualisation of your current system?

From SLCLAB we guarantee that with your annual maintenance, you will always have the most up-to-date version of ALFA21. This way you can enjoy all the latest functionality.

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