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General Features


• "Check Results" service is an application designed to access, view and print results through the Internet. It is optimized for all web browsers.

• Multidevice support to access your data, from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone..

• We put at your service a secure server that guarantees the total privacy and confidentiality of your data, as well as protection against unauthorised access.

Easy, fast and safe

• Using a simple identification screen, access the system easily and quickly.

• Easily locate the patients using a search box being able to select them by date, sample ID, surname, name , ID, etc.

• Check the status of the sample and the scheduled delivery date of the sample.

• You can interactively view the results of the request as well as the previous results of each of the tests requested.

• Lastly, obtain the report in the various formats and layouts your laboratory makes available.

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Service for Proffesionals

• Locate the patients quickly using multiple selection criteria.

• View the results of a specific patient’s visits, thereby reducing considerably the query time of previous results.

• Using a web browser, you can print the reports( in exactly the same format as those printed by the laboratory) for one or more patients.

Management of users and auditor

• Each user has a username and password that identifies them and specifies the modules of the program that they have access to. Customise and limit the actions of each user registered in the application.

• "Check Result" service incorporates an auditor that records the date and time the user tried to access, the name of the user and their password, if the entry was successful and the IP address they tried to access from.

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Individuals Service

• The process is automatic, through a simple registration step, the user will have access to their visits to the laboratory, being able to view the results or print…. only those visits in which they are authorized.

• The patient can set their own username and password to access the system. Using an e-mail it will notify you of your registration in the system.

• In the case that you forget your password you can request that it be sent by e-mail reminding you of your details, by previously entering certain personal details to confirm your identity.

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Security and Confidentiality

• "Check Results" service complies with the Organic Law 3/2018, december the 5th, Protection of Personal Data.

• The sending of data is performed securely, through the use of an advanced system of SSL(Secure Socket Layers). When you log in, you are automatically taken to the secure area of the server.

• The security certificate used has been issued by Security Certificate and maintains the legitimate information of the actual certificate.