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Who are we?

SLCLAB is a team of professionals where the value of experience and the momentum of youth have set a goal: to be attentive to the needs of the industry, innovating constantly looking for solutions for the future and willing to provide the service that our customers deserve.


Our Origins

After years working as the IT department for the biggest laboratory in our city, we decided to take the big step and created SLCLAB, a company dedicated to providing solutions to all those software requirements we came across during our time working there, dedicating ourselves fully to the development of software to assist in the management of analysis laboratories.

Our comprefensive knowledge of the sector along with the most modern technologies resulted in a project that has ended up covering the different types of analysis laboratories.

Our workforce, composed of specialists in different areas, manages to combine various points of views and solve the differences that exist between the criteria of the computer programmer and the personnel working in the laboratory, leading to more efficient solutions.