External Programs

We have a wide selection of external programs to perform certain tasks demanded by laboratories. The list of such programs is constantly expanding so it is possible we have more programs than appear in it, please contact us: Billing, Data exchange with external applications exchange data with reference laboratories, SMS notification system, module doses, custom stats, etc.

Laboratorios de referencia

Reference Laboratories Interfaces

Many laboratories still give their patients the reports that the reference laboratories send them, for this and other reasons, the use of software to act as an interface with reference laboratories is essential.

Send requests and import the results automatically, using lists and reports in the format used by the reference laboratory is no longer necessary.

Avoid the errors that come from manually entering the test results that you send out, issue lists to control the tests sent and their costs.

Invoicing Programs

With the invoiving programs you can send the details of the requests to the company so that they can be processed automatically. This will minimize the time between the invoice submission and the payment thereof, as well as avoid mistakes.

Depending on the company, you can import the price list automatically, thus avoiding the tedious work of manually entering them each time the companies change them.

Programas de facturacion
Programas de intercambio de datos

Data Exchange Programs

It is increasingly common for some companies to require the analyses in formats other than paper from the clinical analysis laboratories.

With an external program you can send analysis data to companies in the format that they require.

Submitting this data can be via a file with a specific format, using databases, connecting to a webservice, through XML ...

Custom Software

Although we have a wide range of programs to perform any function related to the laboratory world, new challenges are constantly emerging requiring new and different solutions.

Discuss any need with us, and we will decide together on a solution which best suits the needs of your laboratory.

Programas Personalizados